The New Jersey Live Steamers, Inc.




... some songs we like:

  1. 1."Coal Smoke, Valve Oil, and Steam"

  2. 2."Long Train Runnin'"

  3. 3."Last Train Home"

  4. 4."Midnight Train"

  5. 5."Night Train"

  6. 6.?

... some movies we like:

  1. 1."Emperor of the North"

  2. 2."North By Northwest"

  3. 3."Unstoppable"

  4. 4."Denver & Rio Grande"

  5. 5.?

... some PLACES we like:


  1. 1.Cass, WV                       

  2. 2.Mt. Rainier, WA             

  3. 3.Steamtown, Scranton, PA

  4. 4.Train Mountain, Chiloquin, OR   http:/

  5. 5.Tech Model Railroad Club (TMRC), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA             

  6. 6.The Model Railroad Club of Union County, NJ, Inc.  (TMRCI), just off rt. 22E in Springfield, NJ                

  7. 7.The Valley Railroad, Essex, CT  

... some videos we like:

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New Jersey Live Steamers

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... some TRAINS we like:


We like ALL trains!



The New Jersey Live Steamers, Inc. (NJLS) has been running live steam engines in Central New Jersey since 1961. We are privileged to live in a state that has been at the crossroads of important industrial history from canals, mills, mines, and railroading to many advances in engineering technology. We encourage the interest in model engineering of all kinds and share a love for living steam engines of all types and sizes.


NJLS is located in the hills of Central New Jersey.

If you are interested in the NJLS,

please email the NJLS Webmaster at:

njlivesteamers [at] gmail [dot] com

  1. -or write to us at:

New Jersey Live Steamers

P.O. Box 205, Liberty Corner, NJ 07938.

Our Clubhouse phone is: 908-604-2770.

Gauges & Mainline Track length:

Gauge 1: 200' x three loops (one electrified loop)

3½": 700' elevated "High Line" track

4¾": 700' elevated "High Line" track

4¾": 900' ground track

7¼": 2330' in two loops (1080' & 1250')

Stationary Steam Boilers & Engines

Have you seen any wandering gnomes lately??

We plead the 5th ;-)