NJLS: About Us  -  Basically, we are a scale model railroad club - for 56 years now!

  The New Jersey Live Steamers, Inc. has been a 501c7 nonprofit, hobby club, located in Central New Jersey since 1961. We come together to share a serious interest in railroad-related scale modeling and historic preservation, as well as for the social well-being of our members! 

We are not an amusement - in any way! We are never open to the public! However, sincere, hard-working, dedicated, skilled, trustworthy railroad modelers like ourselves are welcome and encouraged to apply for membership.

The scales we model are (Gauges & Track length): Gauge 1: 200' x three loops (1 electrified loop); 3½": 700' elevated track;   4¾": 700' elevated track;  4¾": 900' ground track;  7¼": 2330' in two loops (1080' & 1250').

If you are interested in applying for membership,

please email, and tell us about yourself:  njlivesteamers [at] gmail [dot] com

or to:  New Jersey Live Steamers  P.O.Box 205, Liberty Corner, NJ 07938

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Thank you for your membership and your friendship!  We value both!