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A news article about our hobby appeared in The Wall Street Journal 
on 10/15/13, featuring NJLS club president, Adam Madlinger, 
and our friends at Adirondack Live Steamers, 
including ALS president, Don Buesing, 
as well as our friends at Train Mountain in Oregon.   
Here is the link to the original online version of the article:

New Jersey Live Steamers, Inc.

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(Reminder: NJLS is a private club owned by its members. NJLS is never open to the public, and we do not give rides.)

The train Adam Madlinger built is on the left;

and the engine recently rebuilt by Ron Cicchini is on the right -

in the magnificent photo by the talented photographer, Domenic Croce. 

All of it, awesome!

Pictured above: Domenic, Adam, and Ron at the NJLS Winter Party, 12/31/13.

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