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If you have any questions, please contact us at this email address:                           njlivesteamers AT gmail DOT com  

The New Jersey Live Steamers, Inc. (NJLS) is a private, 501c7, hobby club of railroad related scale modeling enthusiasts. As a private club, we are not open to the public, nor are we able to give rides to the public. 


The NJLS clubhouse phone is: 908 604 2770

If you need driving directions to the club, please email us at njlivesteamers DOT org

We do NOT post directions to the club, nor do we post our street address online, due to privacy and safety concerns. 

Please don't post our address anywhere, and also do not post photos or comments with any kind of location identifers (nor people identifiers), nor tags of any kind , nor our Events Calendars - on your own social media or elsewhere. 


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 Use all materials on the Internet with the utmost discretion! Protect your own and others' privacy.  You may NOT use the personal information regarding any member of NJLS for any reason other than personal contact between yourself and them. Always think SAFETY FIRST !
 Thank you for your membership and your friendship!  We valueboth!